A penny saved is a penny earned right? Not exactly if you don’t keep track of them. This month I kept track of extra income and savings for the first time and had a total saved savings for January of $172.67. This was in addition to what I typically save. Not bad, not bad at […]

Have you ever dumped money in a river? I should probably try it sometime. Especially considering I already do it every month without even noticing it. $73.98. That’s how much I threw away in January. By no means am I someone that deprives myself. However at some point, you have to draw the line. I […]

We think we have to do it all. To be everywhere, to accomplish everything, to impress everyone. Sometimes all we need to worry about is ourselves. It’s okay to be selfish…we do a lot. We are graduating from college, searching for the job opportunity of a lifetime, working full time, apartment hunting, paying bills, learning […]

Dogs Never Bite Me. Just Humans. (Marilyn Monroe) Imagine if you could see yourself through the eyes of your dog. With genuine sincere and raw happiness. A loyal faithful demeanor that never leaves. It’s no wonder they are man’s best friend! By no means can we posses these traits at all times – we are […]

Life takes you to unexpected places. It takes you on a spontaneous road trip with your best friend. It drives you to make passionate heat of the moment decisions. It gives you the chance to say yes. Life gives and takes opportunities in the blink of an eye – so you better be ready to take them! Take […]

In the world of the Post Grad – culture rules. French, German, Japanese, Irish, Native American, etc …this is what a culture is right? In geography class this certainly is the first thing that pops into your head. Yet there are so many more types of cultures than just a religious or geographical cultures. There’s corporate culture and even […]

Compliment People – Magnify Their Strengths, Not Their Weaknesses How often do you get compliments? Not the superficial fake smile compliments. The genuine sincere warm compliments that fill you with joy and make your heart burst. My guess is probably not as often as you hear the negative and areas you could improve or just […]