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Couch Plans Are Serious Plans

We think we have to do it all. To be everywhere, to accomplish everything, to impress everyone. Sometimes all we need to worry about is ourselves. It’s okay to be selfish…we do a lot. We are graduating from college, searching for the job opportunity of a lifetime, working full time, apartment hunting, paying bills, learning […]

The Magic of Monday

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours. A simple phrase uttered every morning by my middle school principal over the loudspeakers.  If one phrase stuck with me from those awkward preteen years that would be the one. As it came over the loud speaker we would all roll our eyes, ignore our […]

Do you have a case of the worms?

Definition:  That strange feeling you get when you believe you should be somewhere else, but really shouldn’t. Something should be taking place other than what is, when in all reality, you are exactly where you should be. The feeling you should be performing a certain action.  “Shouldn’t I be somewhere else?” sort of feeling. The […]

A Break Up Letter to my New Year Resolution

No matter how much I try to ignore the feeling, I can’t help but realize we are growing apart. I know you saw me put on five pounds after we agreed that I would lose ten. And remember that one time I was going to make my bed every single morning? You know how well […]

A Tale of Christmas Past : College Winter Break

Thinking back a year, it seems like just yesterday I was headed home from college to spend Christmas with the family. Of course then I didn’t fully appreciate how completely simple and joyful it was to be able to spend my time at home with them. There’s something wonderful about finishing that last final exam […]

Sleep Eat Work Netflix Binge – Repeat.

5 Seasons, 109 Episodes, 81.75 Hours, 4905 Minutes, 294300 Seconds.  That would be my reason for not posting for about a month. I would love to say that it’s because I have been working so hard, but in fact it is because of my dear friends the Gilmore Girls. Everyone has different ways to unwind […]