Never Say No to Happy Hour: Kickstart Your Career

The days of Thirsty Thursday with your college pals have come and gone. Now you have real responsibilities, commitments, and people that count on you to not be hungover in the morning. So the question is… do you go out for happy hour with the coworkers? Only a drink or two. Or do you go home and make other plans with the college friends? Just like old times.

Taking the time to build relationships with your coworkers is something you will rarely regret. Here are some important things to consider about happy hour with coworkers:

Be a Team Player: You will never find out Matt in accounting is a sports lover, or that Mary in logistics is a pro at playing pool while you are sitting in your cubicles. Relationships aren’t built in the office from 9-5. It’s the moments away from your job that you really get to know your coworkers. Don’t turn the opportunity down. Show that you are at work for more than the paycheck, go out with the team, even if it is just for an hour. Don’t feel like you have to drink if you don’t want to either! Enjoy the company of your network – it may lead to new connections and opportunities.

Words of Caution: Be remembered for the right reasons. No one needs to know that you are capable of drinking 10 Jack and Cokes in a night. Limit yourself to a drink or two. Also – there is a difference between sharing with your coworkers and over sharing. If you wouldn’t tell your mom, don’t tell them either. Try to think of happy hour as an extension of the office. Act professionally, speak wisely, and remember that your actions in and out of the office with coworkers should correlate to your reputation.

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via giphy

Celebrate your hard work, build new connections, and create opportunities… never say no to happy hour! 



  1. Again, great post, always love coming here.


    1. Thank you! Always love hearing your thoughts.

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  2. I never turn down a drink after work, even though I live almost 60 miles form the office. One rule (taught by my father) is to have only one and a half drinks over the evening. I drink one and if it is going to be more than an hour or so, I will order the second, but nurse it half way down.The advice has always served me well.


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