Prepare Like You’ve Never Won & Perform Like You’ve Never Lost

Nothing holds you back quite like your insecurities. As a recent grad, I am full of them. The feeling of not measuring up. The thoughts of failure and letting my team down. The idea of letting myself down. The pressure is on to really bring it at your first job. It’s the defining start of your career trajectory. Confidence and career success go hand in hand. But which comes first? How do we achieve both?

From my short 8 months in the working world… I would have to say if you find your confidence the career success will follow.

I am my biggest critic. In some ways this works to my advantage. In my mind I always feel that I need to learn more to catch up to my coworkers. What I sometimes forget is that they have all been working five years or more, some longer than my lifetime. I’m not going to learn that amount overnight.

I still hold myself to the same standard, and the same level of confidence as all of them. It’s lead them to positions that I one day aspire to hold. I’m not necessarily faking it until I make it. I don’t think there is anything fake about confidence. It’s something that can’t be taken away by anyone but yourself. And it’s something you have to learn to build on your own.

I work hard, put in extra hours, and prepare for the hard questions. I build my confidence with one action at a time and one day at a time. If you can figure out how to build your confidence, you can figure out how to build your career.

You define your success and that’s a power no one can have over you. Learn it. Own It. Do It. One step in the right direction can propel your career further than you imagined.



  1. love that you’ve used a gif from Easy A – BEST MOVIE EVER!


    1. I couldn’t picture anything better. One of my favorite movies!

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  2. I think you will feel the same about your confidence every time that you make a big leap forward in your career. Examples will be your fist position as a manager or a director. Changing from one company to another and suddenly becoming the new person on the block.

    The trick is to remember that you have skills and experience that allowed your to make that leap and take the risk. Not all changes will fork out. that new company might be poorly organized or you might not be the right fit after all. Don’t take it personally. Remember who you are and what you have accomplished. Then move on.

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  3. It’s just as important to build confidence from the small things as the big things- maybe the first time someone comes to you with a question and you can answer it without help, or you get good feedback from a higher up. All signs that you’re doing something right!


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