3 Reasons I’m Excited for my Performance Review

I cannot wait until my annual performance review. There, I said it. Why shouldn’t I be excited right? Performance reviews make so many people shudder. They don’t have to! Everyone loves hearing how fabulous they are. If you play your cards right this meeting could be dedicated to that and more.

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via giphy

Here are a few of the reasons why I can’t wait until my annual review:

  1. I won’t be surprised:  My boss gave me clear guidelines as to what was expected of me this year. I know without a doubt in my mind that I achieved them all. How do I know this? I make it a point to regularly (about once a month) check in with my supervisor on my progress. You want to find out the moment you are falling “off track”. Not at the performance review.
  2. I know how I added value: I keep a word document on my computer where I monitor my accomplishments and work during the year. It is hard to remember what you complete in a month in the office, I wouldn’t be able to accurately share what I have done all year if I didn’t keep track. You work hard so make your accomplishments count. When you go to write your accomplishments for the year you won’t have to think back and wonder what you achieved.
  3. Opportunities arise: Expect an amount of your review time to be allocated towards questions. Be ready with ones that show you are here for more than just your paycheck. Ask about ways to advance your career and opportunities within the company! Show that you care and that you are ready to face new challenges head on.

Performance reviews are open conversations with your manager. Rather than viewing it as a meeting to discuss your flaws and weaknesses, look at it as a chance to show them they made the right choice in hiring you!


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  1. You make a good point- your performance review shouldn’t be a surprise. By keeping track of your own contributions on a rolling basis and having regular check-ins with your boss, you can make that performance review just a slightly more formal check-in!


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