Do what you can… but you can’t do it all.

You can’t impress everyone. You can’t please everyone. You can’t work harder than everyone. But you can accomplish and learn more than you ever expected.

As post grads there is a lot of pressure, especially in that first defining job of your lifetime. You want to prove to the company that they hired the right person for the job. Prove to your colleagues that even though you have no work experience you can and will keep up. Finally and most importantly you want to prove to yourself that you are smart, capable and appreciated.

One way to try and accomplish this is spreading yourself too thin. It’s easy to do, and can happen before you even realize it. So many of us work so hard to impress others with our knowledge and learning. We want to show that we can take responsibility. We can work as hard and as strong as anyone else can. It’s not that anyone has doubted us outright, but as the underdog there is that feeling of having to earn respect and your job title.

In doing so, we take on too much responsibility and end up failing in areas we once succeeded. Not only do we let our team down, but ourselves. Which in my mind is worse.

giphy (20)

Don’t try to move mountains in your career overnight. You will get stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed.  Take small steps everyday. It will take you leaps and bounds in your career. You can’t do everything, but what you can do – give it your all. Rome wasn’t built in a day right? : )



  1. Agreed! Learning to ask for clarification or help made my job a thousand times better- no one expects you to walk in the door knowing everything and in general is happy to take a few minutes to share their knowledge.

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    1. I still feel like I am constantly bothering others with my questions! Better to have it done right than to create more work for someone else. Eventually all those answers will stick with us and we will become pros, hopefully even pay it forward someday.

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  2. Agreed! :) I actually could really use your thoughts on choosing that first job right out of graduate school. How important do you think the first job actually is in terms of career definition? You shouldn’t compromise right? (A bit of a situation I’m in right now ahah)


    1. I think in some ways there is area to compromise. Look at your long term career potential with a company before saying no to a first job with them. You want to work for a place that will help springboard you into your desired career. Regardless of the first actual title you will be able to build skills and create opportunities for yourself. I also think it depends on what you mean by compromise (career path, salary, location). Hope this helped some!

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      1. It did indeed – thank you :) Loving your blog, it keeps getting better.


      2. Thank you so much – I really appreciate it. I think it is becoming easier as all the new experiences come!

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  3. Hope Gorman · · Reply

    YESSSSSSS. It is the little things that make a difference! xo


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