Savers Gonna $ave $ave $ave : January Recap

giphy (19)

A penny saved is a penny earned right? Not exactly if you don’t keep track of them. This month I kept track of extra income and savings for the first time and had a total saved savings for January of $172.67. This was in addition to what I typically save. Not bad, not bad at all. : )

Here’s what I learned from my first month of tracking:

  1. Money is everywhere. You just have to know where to look.
  2. Not every way to save money is worth your time – pick and choose.
  3. Little efforts add up over time. This is just month one, imagine a year!

Here is a breakdown showing how easy it is to save money:

Health Insurance Incentive: $40
Account Dividends: $3.57
Ebay Sales: $82.96
Groceries: $42.32
Gas: $3.82
Total: $172.67

Can’t wait to see what opportunities next month has in store!

To get more background on my goal check out the Saved Savings challenge.



  1. My first comment is that the animated gif for this post is hypnotic.

    My second comment is that you are absolutely correct. Opportunities for saving money are all around us. I sometimes need to remind myself that if I save money on one thing and turn around and spend the saved money on something else, I’ve not really saved any money.

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  2. So many people brag about their “savings” when they spend less than expected shopping, or get other discounts, yet so few of those people actually save that money rather than turn around and spend it on something else.

    Congratulations on keeping track, and your extra saving!


    1. I was definitely in that boat of thinking I was saving extra money last year. Instead I used it to justify spending on other items. This has definitely opened my eyes to new opportunities and bigger goals this money can go towards!


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