Couch Plans Are Serious Plans

We think we have to do it all. To be everywhere, to accomplish everything, to impress everyone. Sometimes all we need to worry about is ourselves. It’s okay to be selfish…we do a lot. We are graduating from college, searching for the job opportunity of a lifetime, working full time, apartment hunting, paying bills, learning to cook, and learning how to be a successful post grad adult.

Take a minute and breath. Look at how far you have come, how far you have to go. Don’t you think you deserve a little down time? The best way to do that is by taking time for yourself, in whatever way you feel most relaxed.

For me, it’s a lazy night on the couch. Here’s my Friday night in summary from the recent weekend:

5:30 PM: It’s the weekend! Plans in the city with my best friends for the evening.

7:45 PM: I have enough time to take a quick nap before going out right?

8:30 AM: Good Morning Sunshine, you just slept through your plans.

via giphy

via giphy

It’s okay to take a break and unwind every once in a while. Especially when your body is warning you that you need to. If you don’t make the decision to take one, you never will, until your life catches up with you and forces it.

Don’t forget to do what makes you happy. You do enough. You are enough. You have enough.

If you need to have a night to yourself take it. Couch plans are serious plans.



  1. Similar to shower thoughts. Some times they’re the best!


    1. Shower thoughts are amazing!

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  2. totally agree :) taking some couch time right have some great posts – easy to read, quick, meaningful… really good work!


    1. Thank you that means so much! : )

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  3. This is something I keep telling myself but still feel guilty over it ha! thanks PGP!

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