Let Life Surprise You

Life takes you to unexpected places.

It takes you on a spontaneous road trip with your best friend. It drives you to make passionate heat of the moment decisions. It gives you the chance to say yes. Life gives and takes opportunities in the blink of an eye – so you better be ready to take them!

Take chances. Take the new opportunity – the unexpected opportunity.

We get our hearts broken when we create expectations of something that hasn’t even happened for us yet. What screws us up most is this picture in our heads of exactly how life is supposed to be, yet never is. If we limit our choices to this image of the way things are supposed to play out, then we deprive ourselves from what we are truly capable of achieving.

Imagine, just for a moment, that all of your self doubts vanished, that your critics disappeared and your fears disintegrated. What would you say yes to? So much more.

These doubts and fears are the enemy of our actions. They prevent us from saying yes. Try to ignore these voices and say yes. Life might just find a way of surprising you.

giphy (13)


What are your thoughts?

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