Your Culture Is Your Brand

In the world of the Post Grad – culture rules.

French, German, Japanese, Irish, Native American, etc …this is what a culture is right? In geography class this certainly is the first thing that pops into your head. Yet there are so many more types of cultures than just a religious or geographical cultures. There’s corporate culture and even personal culture.

Corporate culture comes from you, the employee, the perspective candidate, the leader. It’s the way things are done around the office – the way of life. It is significant in determining the success or failure of a company.

Your personal values, attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, and feelings are some of the pieces of yourself that you share with your company everyday. This is your brand. It gives you shape and identity. It is a symbolization of the culture that empowers you to take action in your daily life.

As Post Grads we are all evolving, learning who we are and what we believe in. We are slowly developing our perspective on the world through our culture and in turn creating a personal brand. Take the time to dive deep into your culture, build it to fuel your ambitions and hopes. It’s your personality, the voice that empowers you.

A personal brand is ever changing and evolving – as is the world of business.  With a stronger sense of self your brand and identity will shine through. It will help you find a company culture or create a company culture that aligns with your personal passions.

The company you associate with becomes a part of your culture and brand. Find one that you can be proud of, protective of, and determined to see succeed.

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via pinterest



  1. Amazing idea for a blog! I relate to absolutely EVERYTHING.


  2. Thank you! Hope you can relate it to what you want to achieve!


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