No Guts, No Glory – Tips for Long Work Days

Every Champion Was Once A Contender That Refused To Give Up (Rocky Balboa)

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A 12 hour workday. It’s bound to happen eventually. It would be so easy, so simple, to turn off your laptop go home and “deal with it” tomorrow.

This day is a true test of patience, understanding, and passion for your job… it is worth it. Those four extra hours in a day can teach you so much and build respect. This is no easy task. It’s hard to make it through a workday – even just 8 hours – regardless of career. Here are some simple suggestions to come out the other side a little less worn down and stressed out.

  • Don’t skip lunch – you need the mental break and the energy, your coworkers and body will thank you
  • Be smart about food – don’t over eat or you will be ready for a nap, eat enough that you won’t be starving later (be like Goldilocks – aim for just right)
  • Hardest tasks first – your ability to make decisions diminishes the more that you make  them (decision fatigue) get the hard work out of the way early on in the day
  • Get Moving – you aren’t meant to sit for too long, get up and get moving
  • Stay Hydrated – don’t forget the basics, it helps get your brain flowing
  • Caffeine – stay perky… but don’t get shaky … a difficult balance
  • Temperature – if you have any control. warm will make you drowsy cold will get you moving
  • Stay Organized – desk, laptop, to do lists, and notes make a world of difference
  • Music – block out the distractions, increase your mood, get in a flow state
  • Positivity – whether by choice or obligation you are at the office working, try your hardest to be present and reflect positivity in your actions

You have to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes a few difficult challenges, such as long workdays, are necessary in winning a battle, or in this case finishing the work at hand.

Stay Positive. Work Hard. Work Smart.



  1. I agree with everything but the caffeine…but I don’t do caffeine anyway. :)


  2. This is all such great advice! Long days are hard, but I weirdly kind of love them because of how accomplished I feel after they’re done.


    1. Thank you so much! In the moment it might be a dread – but as soon as you get home and throw yourself across the couch.. a sense of pride and accomplishment overwhelms you. A great way to end the day.


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