52 Power Words for Power Players



Hundred of Resumes. That would have to be how many I have critiqued in my four years of undergrad study. Between assisting career services and my business organizations, as well as career panels… I have seen my fair share of them. One thing that constantly sets a resume apart and gets it a second look are power words.

What is a power word? It’s the difference between getting a call for an interview, and having your resume tossed into the recycling bin. It’s a word that draws your reader in. Sell yourself with power words!

For Example… 

Who would you rather hire:

A) Worked as a waitress at XYZ restaurant
B) Developed strong interpersonal skills through 4 years serving at XYZ restaurant

Same exact job, see how much more compelling answer B sounds? Your waitressing skills instantly translates into a skill that you need in a professional workplace – interpersonal skills and relationships.

Here are some of my favorite Power Words:

  1. Advanced
  2. Attained
  3. Accelerated
  4. Appraised
  5. Bolstered
  6. Balanced
  7. Budgeted
  8. Collaborated
  9. Coordinated
  10. Detected
  11. Demonstrated
  12. Executed
  13. Exceeded
  14. Enhanced
  15. Founded
  16. Formalized
  17. Forecasted
  18. Formulated
  19. Generated
  20. Guided
  21. Hired
  22. Hosted
  23. Implemented
  24. Initiated
  25. Instituted
  26. Logged
  27. Launched
  28. Maximized
  29. Merged
  30. Mentored
  31. Multiplied
  32. Negotiated
  33. Orchestrated
  34. Programmed
  35. Projected
  36. Quantified
  37. Resolved
  38. Recruited
  39. Regulated
  40. Reinstated
  41. Represented
  42. Streamlined
  43. Strengthened
  44. Supervised
  45. Tracked
  46. Tested
  47. Translated
  48. Upgraded
  49. Unified
  50. Validated
  51. Verified
  52. Widened

That should get your brain juices flowing! What are some of your favorite words?

Whether you are looking for a job, or updating your skills to keep your resume fresh in the new year, use power words! The more you can integrate to highlight your skills the better.

Good luck Post Grads!


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