The Best Mirror is an Old Friend

Two Friends in Germany

I graduated high school in 2010. Since then, I have maybe seen 4 of my classmates. That’s one for every year since I accepted my diploma if you want to put it into perspective. It’s funny how sometimes as things change, they really do stay the same. I moved about 600 miles away from my small hometown (graduating class of 67 students), yet one of my closest high school friends may end up moving to my new city.

We met up for dinner tonight since she was in my neighborhood apartment shopping. At dinner, I felt like I had stepped back years. All the conversation was catching up on high school drama. What’s going on in everyone’s life… the typical post grad conversation.

Anyways, catching up with my friend really made me take a look in the mirror and reflect on the person I was, and the person I have become. Oh how a few years can change things!

Be nice to the people you meet along the way. Although they are not close with you today, they could be your support system in the future. And if they were and you grew apart, make sure you left on good terms (as best as possible anyways). I believe everyone comes in and out of your life with purpose. I can’t help but think this friend will be here for me in the years to come. She reminds me of who I was growing up, everything I strived to become, and what I can do to work towards my dreams. I am happy I will soon have her at my side.


What are your thoughts?

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