A Tale of Christmas Past : College Winter Break

Screen shot 2014-12-24 at 8.59.15 AM

Thinking back a year, it seems like just yesterday I was headed home from college to spend Christmas with the family. Of course then I didn’t fully appreciate how completely simple and joyful it was to be able to spend my time at home with them.

There’s something wonderful about finishing that last final exam and knowing that you are done for a month until the next semester. Those days are long over. I was lucky to scrounge up a full four vacation days to use for the Christmas season! (As opposed to over 20 days that I am used to). Going home to visit was always great… for the first day or two. Mom cooking your favorite meals, snuggling up with your pets, and becoming a mindless carefree zombie for days on end. Typically I would make it three days of break before the “annoyance” set it. Always considering it inconvenient to be away from my friends and unfair that the room I called home was now a storage space/office area. Then the sibling bickering starts , small pettiness, and before you know it you remember exactly why you left for college and were so excited to start on your own, to get away and experience a change.

Now, I would give quite a bit to go home and snuggle with my puppies for a month and have a spat or two with my siblings. What you truly don’t realize until later on is that friends come and go, but family is there for you regardless. At least in my case I am fortunate enough for this to hold true. I appreciate my time with them now more than ever before. Being away from home at college is one thing, but moving 10 hours away is another. I can’t drive home from school whenever it is convenient for me. I am truly lucky to have an amazing family to celebrate Christmas with.


What are your thoughts?

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