Sleep Eat Work Netflix Binge – Repeat.

5 Seasons, 109 Episodes, 81.75 Hours, 4905 Minutes, 294300 Seconds. 

That would be my reason for not posting for about a month. I would love to say that it’s because I have been working so hard, but in fact it is because of my dear friends the Gilmore Girls. Everyone has different ways to unwind afterwork, and clearly mine would be Netflix bingeing.

It is easy to get in a routine, especially on workdays. My work and life may be way off balance with a little too much “life” (netflix) and not enough “work” (work and personal development).

Here is a list of things that probably would have been more beneficial to my career or simply being a well rounded individual than Netflix:

  • Blog about a passion
  • Build my mentoring relationships
  • Learn a new marketable skill
  • Make something from Pinterest
  • Workout, or attempt to anyways
  • Read a biography of a great leader
  • Check out the coffee shop next door
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Come up with financial goals
  • Look for volunteer opportunities


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  2. rbejusca2014 · · Reply

    PREAACCH! I finally finished all the seasons of GG. Took me since October- which I guess is a good sign that it took me 3 months, instead of one. Loving your blog so far!


    1. I wish I had that willpower! I feel like a piece of me is now missing without the Gillmore family in my life. :( And thank you so much. I appreciate it.


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